Vermont Patients Alliance has developed several new medical marijuana strains at our lab in Montpelier, VT. Our scientists focus on developing both high CBD and high THC varieties.

VPA is a pioneer in Cannabis research in Vermont.

VPA’s founders have focused on an evidence-based, R&D approach since the organization’s inception in 2012. VPA is currently conducting both medical and agricultural Cannabis research. We have also initiated a Cannabis-breeding program to develop unique Vermont medical marijuana strains – both high cannabidiol (CBD) and high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

With the practical knowledge gained through in-depth study we hope to aid Vermont’s medical community, provide education and care for patients, and work with government officials to develop best practices around medical Cannabis.

Ongoing Research

  1. Medical. Randomized, cross-over, double-blinded study of Cananbis strains in three target groups. Learn more here.
  2. Agricultural. Cost-benefit analysis of indoor vs. greenhouse Cannabis cultivation in Vermont. Greenhouse cultivation has never been done on an industrial scale in Vermont – we are the first dispensary to do it in the state.  We believe that this cutting-edge data will help shape the future of industrial marijuana cultivation in Vermont. Learn more here.
  3. Cannabis Breeding Program. VPA devlops both high CBD and high THC Cannabis strains at our lab in Montpelier, VT. Learn more here.

VPA currently funds all of its research in house. If you are interested in supporting one of our projects or learning more about our work please contact us anytime.


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