VPA is currently conducting a cost-benefit analysis of artificial vs. natural light Cannabis cultivation in Vermont. Results will be analyzed and distributed in January 2016

VPA is pioneering Cannabis research in Vermont.

VPA’s Board of Directors are doctors, Ph.D. scientists, and local professionals. The organization was founded with the mission to focus on an evidence-based, R&D approach to Cannabis. VPA is the first and only organization in Vermont to conduct both medical and agricultural Cannabis research.

The VPA team has initiated a Cannabis-breeding program to develop unique Vermont cultivars – both high cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). We started with unique Northeastern strains and bred them to plants with desirable traits to produce a line of clinically-tested hybrids tailored to specific symptom relief.

With the practical knowledge gained through our daily clinical, genetic, and horticultural studies we hope to aid Vermont’s medical community, while providing education and care for patients. We are happy to work with government officials to develop best practices around medical Cannabis as Vermont laws are revisited. Please contact us with any questions.

Current Medical Research

VPA is seeking participants for a new randomized, cross-over, double-blinded study of three different Cannabis strains in three target groups:

  1. Cancer patients with chronic pain requiring opioids for symptom relief.
  2.  Patients with chronic pain due to arthritis who do not require opioids.
  3.  Patients with frequent migraine headaches.

Data will be analyzed and available for distribution in January 2016. If you are a registered patient interested in participating in one of these studies please contact us here.

Learn more about our medical research program here.

Current Agricultural Research

VPA’s newest horticultural research is focused on a cost-benefit analysis of artificial light vs. sunlight grown Cannabis. We believe that this cutting-edge data will help shape the future of Cannabis cultivation in Vermont. Please contact us for more information.

Read about some of our other agricultural research projects here.

Cannabis Breeding Program

VPA’s scientists recently developed products with different CBD:THC ratios. Our highest CBD-to-THC ratio produced to date is 3:1 CBD:THC. Patients report that the  provides excellent pain relief with a very mild psychoactive effect. We are currently offering the strain in capsule, oil, tincture and dried flower form.

Interested in our Cannabis Breeding program? Read more here.


VPA currently funds all of its research. With additional resources we could increase our research protocols, benefiting patients and educating all! If you are interested in supporting one of our projects or learning more about the work we are doing please contact us anytime.