VPA recommends that patients start with a low-dose (1-5mg THC) until they understand how edibles will affect them.

VPA suggests that every patient use the smallest amount possible to achieve the desired effect. The dosage of clinical Cannabis depends upon the individual patient’s needs and tolerance. It is important to read the label on your medicine to determine the potency of each strain. Proper dosage will also depend on your method of consumption (i.e. oral, smoke, vapor, etc.). Learn more about consumption methods here.


An experienced Cannabis smoker can titrate and regulate dose to obtain the desired acute effects and to minimize undesired effects. When patients smoke or vaporize Cannabis they can titrate their dose by inhalation. The medicinal constituents are absorbed in the lungs and proceed directly to the brain and general circulation, avoiding a first pass through the liver. Patients can ascertain the effectiveness of the medicine within just a minute or two. By waiting between inhalations, patients can achieve the maximum effect with the least possible side effects.


Oral ingestion of Cannabis has quite different pharmacokinetics than inhalation.  The onset of action is delayed and titration of dosing can be more challenging. While edibles offer a healthy and effective alternative to smoking, it is important for patients to understand their tolerance. VPA recommends the following dosage for edibles:

New Consumer (1-5mg THC): If you have never experimented with edibles you should start here. It is important to make sure your body can digest Cannabis comfortably.

Occasional Consumer (5-10mg THC): This is considered a single serving. Eating more than 10mg is not typically recommended.

Frequent Consumer (10-15mg THC): Reserved only for those with a high edible tolerance or patients with severe and chronic pain.