Vermont Patients Alliance has launched a statewide Cannabis delivery service. Registered patients and their caregivers can have medicine delivered directly to their door.

Recent changes in Vermont law permits dispensaries to deliver Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products directly to registered patients. Vermont Patients Alliance offers a statewide delivery service that is secure and discrete.

Registered patients and their caregivers can order online and have medicine delivered directly to their door. Patients must present their marijuana registry identification card prior to receiving medicine. Please have your card ready. We can not deliver without it!

How do I sign up for VPA’s delivery service?

The first step is to complete the Vermont Marijuana Registry Patient Application and designate Vermont Patients Alliance as your dispensary. All new patients must visit VPA’s dispensary in Montpelier to complete intake paperwork. After your initial visit you will be eligible for delivery.

Missed Cannabis Deliveries and Restocking Fee

Please inform us immediately by phone if you are UNABLE to be at the delivery location at the pre-determined time.  If you are not available for delivery and do not notify us, you WILL be charged a $25 restocking fee. This counts as a “missed delivery.” Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service privileges.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Abuse of the service or our staff will result in denial of service. Drivers retain the right to refuse service to anyone.
  2. Driver carries no product other than your pre-ordered medicine.
  3. Deliveries are only made during daylight hours.
  4. Driver vehicles have security cameras and are tracked via GPS through security headquarters.
  5. Deliveries can only be made to your residential address on file with the Department of Public Safety. We cannot deliver to your work, or a family or friend’s address. Sorry, but this is a requirement in the law.
  6. Our drivers will not be in uniform or in a marked car. Drivers are randomly and anonymously followed by our trained safety personnel to ensure best practices.
  7. Deliveries are packaged discretely and stored in a locked container until the time of dispensing.
  8. Please restrain dogs and other animals. We do not know your pets and it is safest for all of us if they are restrained during the visit.
  9. Drivers may not enter your residence. Please have your registry identification card ready when they arrive.