Our team offers a free initial phone consultation to determine if we can help your organization achieve its goals.

The VPA team is made up of Ph.D. scientists, board-certified doctors, lawyers, accountants, James Beard nominated chefs, herbalists, and experienced commercial growers. Operating a vertically-integrated medical operation has taught us every aspect of the Cannabis industry. We understand the challenges and the opportunities. And we can take what we’ve learned and help you successfully apply or operate a business in a regulated market.

We offer nationwide consulting on a wide range of issues:

  1. Clinical research and development.
  2. Cannabis breeding.
  3. Cannabis quality and potency testing.
  4. Cannabis laboratory development, design, and accreditation.
  5. Nutraceutical product certification.
  6. Regulatory compliance, policy, and government relations.
  7. Financial management, accounting, 280E and audit preparation.
  8. Organic and biodynamic cultivation techniques, greenhouse or indoor, and natural pest mitigation.
  9. Dispensary management, point-of-sale, packaging, and labeling.
  10. Application and new business start-up.

We offer a free initial phone consultations to determine if VPA’s team or sister companies can help you achieve your goals. Please contact us with questions at 802.225.6786 or email us here.