Soil treatment conditions can increase Cannabis yield, and can also impact vertical height, plant appearance, chemical composition and biomass.

Light Modification in Vermont Cannabis Cultivation

Vermont Patients Alliance is conducting a study which combines supplemental lighting, and light deprivation to extend the Vermont growing season and identify best practices for growing cannabis in the New England climate.

We believe this cutting-edge data will help shape the future of industrial marijuana cultivation in Vermont. Future trials will compare metal halide and LED light fixtures to assess energy consumption and productivity in a Greenhouse settings.

Soil Treatment and Cannabis Yield

Vermont Patients Alliance is conducting multiple research studies for both indoor and outdoor growing of cannabis and other medicinal herbs. The primary outcome measure is total yield of usable Cannabis flower across each treatment and cultivar. Secondary outcome measures are changes of the biologically active chemicals in the plant, water retention in the soil, pest management and carbon sequestration. Interested in our results? Contact us here.

VPA has multiple trials underway for organic fertilization as well as top dressing. Utilizing our uniform growing conditions, we meticulously track nutrient recipes and application schedules to identify most effective strategies for different genetic cultivars. We are developing innovative growing methods by comparing quality and yield with chemical composition of the plant’s biologically active chemicals.

VPA sources many products from Vermont vendors such as the Vermont Compost Company, Black Dirt Farm and North Country Organics. We have conducted multiple side-by-side trials with various blends of soil products and treatment schedules for these Vermont companies. Interested in our results? Contact us here.

VPA is conducting trials starting this summer integrating hemp and other medicinal herbs into a Permaculture Design. Through holistic site design, we are proving how medicinal herbs and hemp can be part of a regenerative farming system.