Vermont Patients Alliance, Inc. opened the first medical marijuana dispensary in Vermont in June of 2013. VPA is vertically-integrated, which means we cultivate, manufacture, test, and dispense all Cannabis in-house.

Vermont’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Vermont Patients Alliance, Inc. operates a vertically-integrated Cannabis research center, including cultivation and dispensing in Montpelier, Vermont. VPA was the first dispensary to open in the state and has quickly established itself as a leader in Vermont’s emerging Cannabis industry.

Vermont Patients Alliance, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was established by Vermont physicians, nurses, scientists, and local business leaders for charitable, scientific and educational activities in support of patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions. The organization has rapidly grown and currently serves approximately 600 patients in the state of Vermont. VPA is one of four state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Vermont.

Mission Driven

VPA’s mission is simple – to provide a safe, comfortable, and legal environment for patients to access premium quality Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products. Our products are routinely tested for potency and contaminants. This means our patients can be confident in the quality, potency, and consistency of their medicine.

VPA’s activities include:

  1. Dispensary Operation. VPA offers medical-grade Cannabis, Cannabis-infused products, education, and caregiving services for registered patients and their caregivers at our dispensary in Montpelier. Learn more here.
  2. Research and Development. VPA is pioneering medical and agricultural Cannabis research in Vermont. Learn more here.
  3. Organic Cannabis Cultivation. VPA is proud to use organic Cannabis methods. Sustainability is key to the organization’s mission – we are the first and only dispensary in Vermont to utilize natural light for cultivation!
  4. Cannabis Manufacturing. VPA offers in-house manufacturing of Cannabis edibles, capsules, tinctures, concentrates, Rick Simpson Oil, and many more products.
  5. Delivery Service. VPA provides statewide delivery to registered patients and their caregivers. Learn more here.
  6. Consulting. The VPA team offers consulting on a wide range of issues – medical, scientific, policy, regulatory compliance, accounting, cultivation, testing, and more. Learn more here.
  7. Cannabis Breeding. VPA scientists have developed unique Vermont medical marijuana cultivars – both high CBD and high THC. Learn more here.

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